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August 2005 Newsletter

ABL Launches StartUP Package.

ABL is launching a new type of service, especially designed for users who need a smaller volume of traffic, yet require reliability and dependability, especially in remote areas of Brazil where other options are not available. The StartUP package provides a connection of 256 kbps to meet the needs of small businesses and offices. This system uses the same equipment that is used by our high volume systems and provides scalability for the customer who later wishes to upgrade to a system that handles more traffic. Read more about the Startup Package.


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Bringing Broadband To the Amazon.

As promised when we launched ABL last January, although we sell in all of Brazil, our target market is Amazônia. Our newest addition to the ABL family is the Riserva Naturale Xixuaù-Xiparinà, a 30 hour boat ride north from Manaus.

We haven't received pictures back from the Indian Reserve yet, but we will include them in the next newsletter. Meanwhile, here are a few shots from our previous installation at Benjamin Constant:


ABL expands sales and installation teams.

If you are interested in selling or installing our products, please click here.

ABL seeks installation and maintenance contracts.

In addition to the installation and maintenance of VSAT systems, The ABL team has expertise in the installation and maintenance of all kinds of electronics equipment, including, computer networks, telecommunications equpipment, ground to air and point to point radios, radar, and air navigation systems. We are also in the process of opening an electronics repair shop in our facility. If you know of any company that would be interested in contracting such services from us, please have them contact our office at (92) 3232 5581, or e-mail us.

Even as we are seeking to expand our services, we are continuing to concentrate on our flagship product: high speed internet service via VSAT provided by Hughes DirecWay Systems in regions of Amazônia that are unreachable by other means.


ABL successfully launched in January following an excellent full page article in the Manaus Journal of Commerce. Please watch this newspaper for additional articles about ABL.

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I am thankful for the opportunity to share these newsletters with you. My goal is to send one out each month, but sometimes we are just too busy. Please stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you know anyone interested in our services, please have them call our office at (92) 3232 5581.

Bruce Patterson, President
Amazônia Banda Larga e Informática Ltda.

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